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There seems to be a group of jerks going around and ripping bikes off from the North Orange County area. That includes my 2000 CBR 929RR. It was stolen at 10:30 PM on Monday, the 5th of July. Just a half hour after I had been working on the bike to get it ready for my Laguna Seca trip.

These jerks are known to be going around in a white early 90's Chevy Astro Panel van. The van is beat up and has large peices of paint missing from the roof and the back doors.

My bike was stolen from LA PALMA. According to the police these guys are hitting both Apartment complexes and homes in neighboring cities. Such as CERRITOS, BUENA PARK, and CYPRESS.

These guys are pros. I had my bike locked up very well, in perfect view for everyone to see at all times, and they managed to rip it off in less than 60 seconds. I'm still in shock.

I hope this gets to some of you before you too become a victim. I wouldn't wish this crummy feeling on my worst enemy. Please pass the word around and help get these boneheads caught.

And if you happen to see a yellow CBR 929 riding around, check to see if its mine please. It had a back double bubble windshield, yellow gel grips, a carbon fiber corbin seat, brand new Z208 rear tire, black frame sliders, clear front turn signals with yellow light bulbs, 2nd Look tank braw that matched the paint scheme, and a COMPETITION WORKS fender eliminator kit.

Damn I miss my bike :cry
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