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Our club (Triad Chevy Club) is holding our annual car show this Saturday Aug14. at Country Park adjacent the Natural Science Center in Greensboro, NC. Sponsored by Parks and Recreation, The Triad Chevy Club, Good Guys Rod and Custom, Channel 8, and Oldies 93 Radio this special event brings out the best in local car clubs, private citizens, and national manufacturer’s. Come out and view some of the regions must beautiful original, custom, and restored classic cars. Open registration allows you to enter your special vehicle for judging by local enthusiasts and car professionals. This vital and special event directly supports Country Park’s efforts to improve recreational opportunities for those persons with special requirements for recreation. Proceeds go directly to support the All Children’s Playground and All Persons’ Nature Trail.

It's free to spectators. We get a ton of top notch cars and a few bikes. Registration is around $20 for entry and everyone gets a plaque, winners get trophies. The show is centered on classics, hotrods, musclecars and exotics. We don't get a lot of fastandfurious type cars but they are welcome. Typically the custom streetrod section is pretty full and the quality is very high. I'll have my bike there on display. If you want to enter your bike chances are you will get a trophy since last year we had ONE sportbike and a couple of choppers. The show borders the lake and there is fishing, paddle boats, playgrounds, trails, and dogs are welcome. The loop around the lake is paved so roller blades and bicycles are great too. In addition we provide a airconditioned shuttle service throughout the day Love to see you there. Bring a camera or you will kick yourself.
I'm one of the judges so $$$ if you want to win. :grin: Registration starts I think at 8am saturday. If you are serious about showing your car know that our members go to a LOT of shows. This is not a people's choice show we use a point system similar to nationals. Parks/country.htm
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