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Are motorcycle boots like dress shoes?

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No, I don't mean awesomely stylish and made from fine grain leather from only the most kosher cows in the world.

I mean in terms of use and stretch.

I bought some Tourmaster Solution boots. Size 42. I used my dress shoes as the size reference and most of them are 42. All the shoes I buy fit like shit from the start, feet hurt, and are uncomfortable as hell. Then after 2 - 3 wears they are like butter because the leather stretches and forms to my foot.

I bought these in 42, my big toe is lacking maybe 2mm of space. Im also wearing gym socks, if I put on dress socks, im sure it will be better. But before I go that route or get a size b***** which might be to big, id like to ask.

Do motorcycle boots stretch and break in like dress shoes?
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hahaha - don't we all?

I picked up some sidi socks last year and i think i like them a lot

Great socks but what you want to do is pick them up at Target. You pay out the ass for motorcycle branded garments. You can pick up sweat swicking socks from Target cheap and they work the same.
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