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We just posted the new Shoei X-12 Marc Marquez replica, so it’s only appropriate that we also bring you the newest helmet from his Arai sponsored, Repsol teammate, Dani Pedrosa. New for 2013, Arai has just released a red version of the Corsair-V Dani-3 helmet from last spring. The striking red, white and black pattern is a great addition to the Arai Corsair-V line, and unlike some racer replica designs, this one doesn’t have prominent branding for the rider. The only reference to Pedrosa is a very subtle “26” hidden in the stripes on top of the helmet.

If you’re interested in the new Arai Corsair-V Dani-3 Red, or the original Corsair-V Dani-3 Blue, you can order yours by giving Brad a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 810. If email is more convenient for you, feel free to send those to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM for a quick reply.

The new Arai Corsair-V Dani-3 Red is shown here with an optional Dark Smoke shield.

The only reference to Dani Pedrosa on the helmet is a very subtle “26” in the stripes on each upper vent.

The original Dani-3 Blue is still available as well.

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