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anyone wanna get something to eat tonight?

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Well my group cancelled on me to work on our paper. And well I have already done my part of the paper, so I am left with nothing to do. So anyone can get out and wants to get some food post up. I don't really care where as long as it isn't chinese. Also I don't care what time either.
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never had thai food. To be honest mexican is about as exotic for me as it gets. I got hungry and ended up gettin jersey mikes anyways.
suwand28 said:
why didn't you take up on the elicit offer that girl asked you...:lao

the one at school today?
who you talkin bout willis?
If you were in fact talking about the girl that asked me out today at school, she definitely was not hot enough to lose my marriage over. However she had glasses and a SMOKIN body which gives her that hot dorky look, but prolly completely unihibited in bed.
Far East said:
What's wrong with chinese?
it makes me sick for some reaosn. I have tried to eat it on many many many occasions with the same outcome. Oh and I tried different stuff almost everytime.
gixxer27519 said:
Shoulda called man... was out at woody's watching the b-ball games.
man you suck. I figured you wouldn't be allowed outta the house like normal, and figured since you ate out for lunch you wouldn't for dinner.
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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