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Well, got home from work and washed down the bike from the run.
Damn, what a mess. Spent bout 2hrs scrubbin her down and cleaning/lubing the chain. My chain is shot, it was knockin soo bad on the run. SHe's all purty now and covered up. It will be that way for 2 weeks.

Me and Lisa are drivin up to Md this Sat for a week of well needed vacationing. I was gona take the bike with but because of the F'in chain I dont want to risk anything happenin while up there. I wont be able to make any bike nite gimics this week, need to start gettin stuff ready but I'll see you's guys (and girls) in a couple weeks.

Be safe out there :D

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I went over my bike real quick. I cleaned the chain and then took it out to get it hot. Ended up going on a little 25 mile ride through the northside here. Came back lubed the chain dry wiped her off and put her away. As much as I thought I didn't want to ride for a few days after the poker run, I just couldn't stay off of her for any amount of time. I need to get my other tire mounted up, just trying to hold off for a little bit and save the $$$.

Hope you have a nice vacation BET. I'm jealous as hell. :twofinger
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