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Hello West Virginians! An impromptu bike trip (contrived last night) has me camping in Babcock State Park about 450 miles from home on the way to Thurmond. I'm planning on going to Thurmond and maybe some other ghost towns along the New River tomorrow. Anyone here want to come riding? Perhaps show me some fun roads?

I left early this morning and stopped by (the now defunct and abandoned) National Elementary School in the little town of Booth. Why, you may ask? Well, because that's where I went to kindergarten back in 1988! I decided to squeeze in and take a 'tour.' Then I headed off to the New River gorge bridge. I walked around, took pictures, and then rode the fun, narrow, twisty roads to the bottom of the gorge. Next stop was supposed to be Thurmond... But in unfamiliar territory running out of daylight during early rut, I decided to stop and pitch a tent. So here I am about 25 miles from Thurmond!

So, what say you guys? Anyone up for a ride tomorrow?
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