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shortyali0369 said:
Don't feel bad CJ, last night I went out riding with some other SBN'ers and we were on some back roads, ran outta gas, got my reserve on, after it died completely. Went and got gas but then proceded to turn not only my reserve off but my entire tank all together. It took one of them going to get their truck and the other 2 of us 20 minutes to figure out what was wrong with my bike... I felt incredibly dumb and embarrassed, but I learned from it all.
At least they stopped for you... If you are riding in a group you should always watch out for the person behind you. CJ should not of had to sit by herself and try to figure out what the problem was. The group that she was riding with should of figured out she was missing and turned around for her. How many people were with you guys, not many I imagine? There is no excuse for leaving someone behind. If she would of got into an accident I bet you would of felt pretty shitty about ditching her. You would of been just as bad as those guys that let their friend die alone on Oklahoma. Even if you are riding really fast and everyone can't keep up, you should stop at least every other stop sign and make sure everyone is there. I guess from now on I am going to be more careful when I ride with the group so I don't die on some corner somewhere because someone didn't bother to look over their shoulder and see if I was still behind them... :mad:
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