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Hey man.... I wish I could answer this one immediately, but I'm waiting for parts. I've got a Hindle full 2 into 1 system coming in with a Titanium can...a K&N drop-in filter, and it's going to have the carbs retuned. I'll try to let you know how it does with the modifications in....I doubt it will make much if anything off of the filter...but the exhaust should help, seeing as how restrictive the stock system is. I mean, just LISTEN to it.. The sound of silence is the sound of massive restriction.. ;) I hear the factory carb tune on em isn't all that great though, but I'm sure that's with any bike. They're tuned to operate you might pick up some power if you have it re-tuned to operate better in your particular climate....

The parts ARE out there, but they're hard to get too. I've been waiting for about 2 months and my system is in, but the muffler is still on its way down from Canada. So if you do decide to purchase anything...expect a wait!! Everything's on backorder.

I will say this though....for the price of the full system, it's not worth it IMO. Slip ons, maybe. But not the system. I'm getting the full system for one reason---my bike was damaged in a tip over accident and both mufflers were dented--the mufflers retail for $250 each from Kawasaki, so I had $500 to work with JUST on the exhaust. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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