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I recently picked up a power commander 3 usb for my stock FZ (with the intent of getting some Devil pipes in the not to distant future....hopefully :cool: )

I installed the stock FZ6 map (410-001) from the powercommander site. The bike ran great if you were hammering on it midrange power was up and the top end was nicer too. I went out on a poker run with 100+ bikes so a lot of the riding for my saturday was 30-40mph range and the bike was running like crap. It felt like the motor was loading up and kicking every time I was on and off the throttle. I also went from my normal 180-190 before I hit trip F to 124 miles.

Does anyone have any maps for a stock FZ6 that are not quite so rich or should I just start tinkering on my own as I don't want to get it put on the dyno with the stock pipe if I am just going to replace it as soon as I get myself going enough to drop $750 on pipes.
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