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Anyone ever tried Tomahawk tires?

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Was looking around ebay and found a brand new set of tomahawk for 160. They say they have an equivalent thread design as so an so brand but have thicker thread for longer life. Well, anyone ever try it? SEems like a good deal.

180/55ZR17 & 120/70ZR17 TOMAHAWK T3 PACKAGE DEAL :eBay Motors (item 250432808125 end time Sep-24-09 09:40:21 PDT)
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Arent they re-treads? (Can someone clarify this?)

I wouldnt touch them, but thats just me.
Their cheap for a reason.

If you wanna find out what that reason is, go ahead and get them. If not, save up some more cash for better tires.
I will talk up Road 2's anyday. Im on my second pair and I love them, more than I probably should.

So far I havent had any issues with them, and plan on going through quite a few pairs.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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