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Anyone ever tried Tomahawk tires?

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Was looking around ebay and found a brand new set of tomahawk for 160. They say they have an equivalent thread design as so an so brand but have thicker thread for longer life. Well, anyone ever try it? SEems like a good deal.

180/55ZR17 & 120/70ZR17 TOMAHAWK T3 PACKAGE DEAL :eBay Motors (item 250432808125 end time Sep-24-09 09:40:21 PDT)
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Every tire starts as a core that has more rubber bonded to it.

Tomahawks are no different, they just reuse cores..

If you're worried, obviously don't buy it.

But, the majority of people would rather throw money away than use a perfectly adequate tire because it isn't "the best". Even though they will likely never need anything more than a shinko or tomahawk.

I know a guy who runs them on his rc 51 and he loves them. He had one issue, the tire wouldn't balance properly, and they sent him a brand new set, and he kept the old one as a spare.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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