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Anyone ever tried Tomahawk tires?

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Was looking around ebay and found a brand new set of tomahawk for 160. They say they have an equivalent thread design as so an so brand but have thicker thread for longer life. Well, anyone ever try it? SEems like a good deal.

180/55ZR17 & 120/70ZR17 TOMAHAWK T3 PACKAGE DEAL :eBay Motors (item 250432808125 end time Sep-24-09 09:40:21 PDT)
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they are retreads....damn. Man that price is so good though.
Their cheap for a reason.

If you wanna find out what that reason is, go ahead and get them. If not, save up some more cash for better tires.
yeah you are right. Im thinking of michelin pilot roads since people on here love them so much. the powers i had on wore out after 4k (the rear).
I ran 4 sets of them on my FZ6. I would buy them as a sport touring tire. They last forever and grip is good unless it's really cold or wet. I had them leaned all the way over frequently. Even then they aren't bad as long as you are being careful.

I wouldn't buy them as a track tire just because I'm not sure how they are at the limit. I never had any trouble with cupping, tread separation, uneven wear, etc. Customer service is top notch as well.

I would not hesitate to use them again, especially if I was short on cash. And before I get flamed, I ran 50,000 miles on those things with no problems. I'm not a part time or fair weather rider.
thats seems to be a very fair review. I just need tires to last me the rest of this season but i dont want to dump mad money on michelin pilot roads...theyre expensive.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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