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Anyone Else have a ZX-14 yet?!?

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Just kinda wanted to see what the consensus is. I just got one and am very impressed! It seems to run a little hot in traffic though... I'm in Phoenix and I'm a bit worried if it is running hot at 90deg, what will it do at 110?
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Awesome! Thanks for the picks! Looks like we have one in every color! I gotta take some better ones of mine when I get around to it... I have a big clunky Digital SLR that is a bitch to take on the bike.

Care to share your riding impressions?
I also ride a ZX-14, bought it in the crate in April, first one anywhere around here. The temp display in segments instead of an analog temp gauge is the only thing on this bike I don't care for. Mine also rises up to 5 segments when riding in slow traffic on hot days (95 F.) but has never overheated. Just rolling a little foward lowers the temp pretty fast. On cold days (55 F.) on freeway it shows one segment (whatever that means). I dont really trust this temp display, as soon as I figure out how to add an analog temp gauge I will. As far as the bike in general, I love it!! I have run it easy , hard (up up 170 mph) (130+ in 3rd gear) and through the twisties up palomar mnt (NO chicken stipe on my tires). This bike inspires confidence even with the stock bridgestones. It has never wobbled at high speed and dives into turns in canyons, what else can you ask for? I'm getting 38 miles per gallon in the mean time.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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