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Anyone Else have a ZX-14 yet?!?

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Just kinda wanted to see what the consensus is. I just got one and am very impressed! It seems to run a little hot in traffic though... I'm in Phoenix and I'm a bit worried if it is running hot at 90deg, what will it do at 110?
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90? Are you talking in Celsius? Normal operating temperature while moving should be probably between 170 and 220 (if you're sitting in traffic). 90 and 110 the thing is still cold!!
bevis said:
.Over 2500 on it and couldn't be happier. Use to own VTX 1800 so it has been a change. Bought a ZX10 for my son also but I don't like it. Too small. Both bikes have in creditable power. The ergos on the 14 are more my liking and I got a blue one so I am stuck with the fastest color
You're 18 and you bought a ZX10 for your son... WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?!?!?
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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