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Anyone Else have a ZX-14 yet?!?

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Just kinda wanted to see what the consensus is. I just got one and am very impressed! It seems to run a little hot in traffic though... I'm in Phoenix and I'm a bit worried if it is running hot at 90deg, what will it do at 110?
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KrayZFrameRate said:
he means outside tempurature hes in Arizona. What is it running bike temp?
It has an LCD bar with 6 segments. When it gets to 6, a engine temp warning shows, and you're supposed to shut the bike down... It has gotten up to 5 bars while idoling and slowly moving in traffic... If only I could get 5 bars on my cell phone ;). I may just take it to the dealer monday and see what they think in the shop... The bike is so new that I have a feeling that I will be the 'lab rat' for any problems that may arrise.
I just found out that when all 6 segments are lit, the coolant temp is 248deg/F. For a bike with this kind of top-end and horsepower and racing demeanor, I wouldn't think traffic would be a problem.

THX tendar for the WW tip. I'll check into it, and talk to the dealer Monday.
2002 Busa SE said: she run.....
She runs great... other than the temp thing... Again, it hasn't yet overheated, the gauge is just higher than I expected, I will take it to the dealer tues and see what they say... meanwhile, I have the chore of breaking her in! What a bitch, having to ride around all day ;). Gee and with the next 22 days off, what will I do?!?

I have been posting riding impressions up on the ZX-14 sub-group.
Dawson-ZX said:
So where's all the pics??
under the ZX-14 sub-category in a thread called

"Just Got a ZX-14 yesterday!!! OMG!"
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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