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Anyone Else have a ZX-14 yet?!?

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Just kinda wanted to see what the consensus is. I just got one and am very impressed! It seems to run a little hot in traffic though... I'm in Phoenix and I'm a bit worried if it is running hot at 90deg, what will it do at 110?
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2002 Busa SE said: she run.....if it is running hot, id get a 160 degree fan switch installed, would help cool it, right now the fan probly comes on high, like 190-200 and by that time its trying to fight a loosing battle.
Who makes a different temp fan switch to fit a motorcycle? I would figure thats it not just some generic part like you can get for 350 chevy that fits 100's of different models.
Had mine about a week now..


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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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