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Anyone addicted to the Olympics?

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I seem to be watching this stuff more and more. Im becoming a junkie :alky of the games. The swimming and the gymnastics games have been great. How the hell do the gymnist do it :eek:
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I really enjoy the Olympics when it's on.

I like the swimming, the track, the gymnastics, and the volleyball.

I REALLY like the water polo and the swim races.

I watch it for a few hours every night...however, I think that if it were on every year, I'd get a bit tired of it.
how can you beat women's gymnastics. You can't i am addicted. Also beach volleyball
umm...not really. Nothing in summer olympic's interest me except for the volleyball.
nope, but I'll have it on in the other room while I'm doing something else in case something comes on that I want to watch.
I am getting hooked on the olympics. I never really cared for watching swimming or gymnastics but I been watching all those heats. I try to watch volleyball because I play sand volleyball and I picked up on some things that I was doing wrong and it help me play even better in my leauges.
I actually watched a ping pong, er, table tennis game the other night. Other than that, nope.
I've been tivo'ing the Olympics so I don't miss any action.. i like the weightlifting, beach volleyball, track, gymnastics, and swimming.
Not even a little bit. I did watch most of the fencing competition, but that's it.
I've been watching a lot of it. It's been good becuase we have been doing good.
nope, totaly forgot they were even on till the BF was watching ESPN and there they were.....
i watch it every night before i go to bed. fun to watch. I'm down with men and womens beach vball, mens hard court vball, and the gymnastics. The best stuff is on during the day. I went into the break room at work and there was mens double table tennis on. god that was funny, they are crazy good though.
I'd watch an all Steroid Olympics..but not one where half the athletes are on em...and get away with it.
I used to swim, so I like watching the swimming, but I fucking hate NBC's coverage. What happened to the days where they just showed the events with no morons commenting on stupid crap? I don't want peoples' back stories, I don't want to know who could tie whose medal record, or why the stands look empty, or that there is a lot of dust in the air. Just show the events, all of them, not just the Americans.

Fucking assholes.
man the dominican republic's women's volleyball team got some serious ASS on it.

Anyway, I'm pretty addicted I watch it while commercials are on or if nothing else is on.
Did you guys see the mens all around gymnastics. That was something else. Anyways, I couldnt think of any good reasons for having so many types of swimming strokes. Are they different for a reason or just different to be different?
omg olympics are awesome just means the best of the best.. i love watchin em esp gymnastics and volleyball (best sport ever) used to do gymnastics with the hamm bros.. shouldve kept up! doh anywho i never knew they had so many sports.. maybe if i started training now... ha who am i tryin to kid.. well everyone enjoy! go USA!! =)
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