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I am listing this for a friend of mine, so I will just copy and paste his original ad.

I'm seriously considering selling my Cobra so I thought I'd see if there's any interest here. The basics are it's white, black leather, 64,000 miles, blah blah blah.
The mods are the usuals besides the tubular k-member, which isn't very usual. The others are Aluminum underdrive pullies, Romac aluminum balancer, 70mm TB, 76mm MAF meter, fenderwell cold air kit, MSD wires, Denso Iridium plugs, 1/2" spacer on the Cobra intake, ceramic coated shorty headers, off road X-pipe, Borla exhaust w/out tailpipes(comes with tailpipes or flowmasters w/ tailpipes), 4.10 gears, Hurst shifter, clear Cobra headlights, Cobra R hood, and brand new Centerline Telstar wheels with 295-50s in the back and skinnies in the front.
If you're not into the big n little wheels it can also be sold with the stock Cobra wheels or Steeda Ultralite wheels.
Oh, it also has a custom Ed Curtis ground Competition cam with matching valve springs. It's set up to work perfectly with the GT40 heads and Cobra intake. It has went a best of [email protected] w/ only a 2.0 60' time(street radials) up in Bristol Tn. which is a very high elevation. So it's an easy 12 second car at an average track. And with sticky tires mid to low 12s. It made almost 280rwhp before the cam and valvesprings so it should be close to 300 now. Here are a couple of recent pics without the rear spoiler:

If those don't show up let me know. I'm asking $10,500 for it or I can remove any/all mods for a cheaper price. The bad news is Ford Credit still has my title so we'd have to deal with that. Email me at [email protected]
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