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Wondering if anyone from Indiana might be interested in a short weekend trip to Deals Gap on October 14-17. Ride down on a Friday and ride back on a Monday. We stay at the Kickstand Lodge motorcycle campground located on RT28 in Stecoah, NC which is located about 23 miles away from where 129 and 28 intersect at the crossroads of time. If you think you might be interested in riding down with me on the October 14th we could meet up and ride the rest of the way together. We are sleeping in the bunk house at the KSL and it's $22 per night. Sleeping in a tent in the Smokey's in mid October can be quite chilly so we move it indoors, that way we don't have to haul a tent and sleeping bag on the bike. All you really need is clothes other than your gear and your shower stuff. "Mo" the owner of the KSL provides towels in the bath house, so with that said if you don't have any luggage for the bike you could really use a small backpack for a short weekend trip. If you think that this is something that might interest you please let me know. Just wanted to share the adventure with you. Jay
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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