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Did a search here no feed back threads yet since the leathers are fairly new.

Has anyone bought these leathers yet? How do they fit? Is anyone wearing extra
armor underneath i.e. armor jacket or just spine or just what comes in the suit?
Hows the Ventilation?
Survivability? Have they been crash tested?
The sight says "Carbon Kevlar protection at chest,abdomen and collar bone".
How thick is it in this area?
Hows the spine protection?

Any feedback on their boots?

This suit compared to a few others Ive looked at seems to be built like a
TANK(for lack of a better word). Mind you I can only compare description
and reviews I find on the MC forums.

Thank you,
The Arsenal

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I've seen some of their gear on display at Buttonwillow last month. I can't attest to the quality or durability of their products, but I wasn't too impressed with the workmanship of what was on display. Looking at their website, the multiple seams on a lot of their suit designs would have me concerned in case of a get-off.
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