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Well this past Friday I was finally able to hook up with Yoshi (Chance) from the board and we had a nice long ride. Great guy. Two weeks ago I rode for the second time with JF954RR (Jason) from the board (not sure if he has reregistered yet) and he had some killer roads to go on. Touched my knee for the first time. I know I know..take it to the track...but it sure felt good.
At one point JF954RR was coming around this blind curve, not going very fast and I was like 50 ft back and all of a sudden a F'n car is half in our lane coming our way in the middle of the curve. My worst fear. But Jason expertly leaned out of the way and I had plenty of time to react. It's nice to watch and learn from other more experienced riders.

Thanks Fred for the site brotha!!! I have been meeting some cool riders and appreciate your efforts. I now HAVE to come here every day. One more addiction.
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