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Any cigar smokers on the board?

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Myself am some what of an aficiando (sp?) Have a humidor, roughly 50+ cigars in there right now. Have a little bit of everything. Just recently bought a box of Romeo and Julieta "Bullys" awesome smoke. I prefer to mild to medium bodied cigars. Everyonce in awhile i'll have a Full but only if i'm full on supper.

Just enjoyed a Aspira robusto. Had bought a few sampler packs to try out. Prefer to sit on the lanai and smoke one in peace.

So anyone else on here smoke? What cigars do you have?
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I have a dried out menudo in my cigar box at work. I don't think its salvagable though. its crunchy....
Triton said:
I have a dried out menudo in my cigar box at work. I don't think its salvagable though. its crunchy....
Yea, you might as well shit can it. You could put it in a tupperware and stick it in the fridge for a bit, may bring it back... Cigar should be spongy but not soft.
I went to Honduras in April and had a chance to visit the INDIO cigar factory and since then have been hooked! Puros Indios Maxima Reserva No. 46 has become my favorite, The smoke is cedary and toasty, that is the only thing I noticed so far, I am sure as I get better I can use those $20.00 words I am not a Cigar Aficionado at all .
I also tried a Camacho Corojo, it was a funny shaped figurado that tasted a bit like licorice. Kinda nice. I had a mahogany humidor mad that "had 20 cigars in it...I am down to 5 LOL. I must take another trip back there to get more LOL
I never knew about the joys of a good cigar and a sip of brandy. You men have been hiding this simple pleasure from us LOL.
Yes, a cigar and a good scotch works great. Honduras huh?? Talk about straight from the factory. Haven't had a Camacho yet. Local store doesn't carry them. It's cool to see the ladies involved in the cigar smoking as well ;)
I know it ain't much, but I like those backwoods sweet cigars. :D
I always enjoy the CAO anniversaries, and the Montechristos Whites are an excellent choice, all I smoke.
:cool: ACid blondie..........
I've had the good fortune of visiting many a foreign duty free and sampled all the forbidden fruits.
And to be honest, I prefer a good nicaraugan maduro over anything made in Cuba today.
I still have a few Cohibas in the humidor from a friends taking some risks for me. But the quality just isn't what it once was. I had a box of Punch maduro that was shameful compared to non-cubans. Athough the Habana Romeo Y Julietta was really good.
I was seriously let down by real cubans. I think the industry down there hasn't held up so well.
Meanwhile, central american countries like Honduras are producing some excellent smokes these days.
I have no one favorite, but I prefer a Rothschild in Maduro wrap.

Just a quick question: does anyone smoke candela wrappers anymore?
I just tried a very good cigar lately, very mild smoke
it was an Ashton
Kaw_Rider said:
I just tried a very good cigar lately, very mild smoke
it was an Ashton

Ashton Cabinet Selection is a very good series as well.
Still got a few Habana's I hid in my luggage when I came back from Amsterdam. I gave one to my brothers buddy who said he really like cigars and he comes over a couple days later asking if he could have another cus he tried to roll a blunt with it. Freakin tardass thought they were paper rolled around tabaco like the ones he gets from 7/11 or something. :mad:
I'm usually a cigar-smoker, but I have let me humidor go empty for the past few months. Maybe it's time to re-stock. I'm particular to Henry Clays when I can't get cuban.
Ever try the Monica? Or weren't you ever the President?
I can't stand the smell of smoke from cigarettes or cigars or whatever, makes me sick
and girls have cooties at that age.... you'll grow out of it.
Ah yeah ayup ayup.. my two favs of summer the cycle and the cigar.

For me its Punch, Hoyo De Monterry Excaluburs. Hmm.. last one I smoked was a Kahula which was fused with Kuhala (duh) was nice but a little too sweet. I like the other Acid/Natural brands that due flavor infusion as well (not just dipping)

Not a big maduro guy im more of a natural leaf man.

Oh the Montecristo White labes are niiiiiice too.. but not cheap. Shit I can't even get started if we are going name off fav brands.
I love cigars, i smoke romeo & julliets, Macanudo, Tattianna, and i also like Acid brand cigars like Kuba Kuba and Blondie
Haven't tried any of the Acid cigars. Don't want them to taint my humidor. Right now have some Romeo Julieta's, Padron 3000, a few Davidoff's, Don Tomas, CAO, JTL Trindad, Hamilton Reserves...a little bit of everything.
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