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Any 92 GSX 600F owners have lots of problems?

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Do you guys/gals that own the 92 600F have a lot of problems with your bike? Any common problems with this model year? I'm planning on going to look at one this week or weekend and wanna know what to check out.
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Man, you gotta start calling it a damn Katana.

They're completely bulletproof, though. The engine is SOOOO overbuilt it's silly. Based on the old air cooled GSXR 750 engine... super reliable. THEN they tuned it down and cut the displacement. So it's NOT gonna break as long as you change the oil and dont overheat it.

A lot of them have problems leaking around the petcock, though. About 20 bucks and an hour of labor to fix. Quite simple. Other than that, i never had a problem with mine...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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