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After a year of searching and testing, we have finally settled on a MFG for our Ducati Sport Classic tanks.

Tanks are made in Italy by a MFG that supplies aluminum tanks for Ferrari.
Tanks will be a natural brushed finish as pictured. Tank pictured shows a race fuel cap but our tank will allow you to use your OEM or similar aftermarket fuel cap. Uses OEM fuel pump. OEM style breather. The tank will be a direct bolt on tank like the original. All tanks are pressure tested with helium at the factory.

* The aluminum tanks will be about 4-6 lbs lighter than the OEM plastic tank (more if the OEM tank was sealed).
* The aluminum tank will hold about 1/2-3/4 gallon more fuel due to the thinner material.
* Aluminum tanks will not have the expansion issues of plastic tanks
* Tanks will replicate the orginal look and fitment as close as possible given the limitations of the different material

USA customers: $2000 includes shipping to anywhere in the USA on the PS and Sport1000 tank. $2350 for the GT Tank.

Outside USA: PS/1000 is $1800 and GT1000 is $2150 + shipping from Italy and any applicable VAT.
International customers should email us your address to see if it is more advantageous to have it shipped from the USA.

We are taking $250 deposits to secure the tank. Deliveries will start in early December - but since they can only produce 3-4 tanks per week, the first with deposits will get their tanks first. You can opt for a later delivery if it fits your schedule better.

Here are the links for the deposits:

DEPOSIT ONLY: Ducati Sport 1000 Aluminum Tank

DEPOSIT ONLY: Ducati Sport Classic Paul Smart/Sport 1000S Aluminum Tank

DEPOSIT ONLY: Ducati GT1000 Aluminum Tank

After this group buy is over, the retail will be $2395 shipped in the USA. This group buy will go until the end of November.

The molds for the Paul Smart/ Sport1000S tanks have already been made. We may see them as early as December.
We will also have a group buy on the aluminum "cafe tail" pictured above.

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