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The Alpinestars SMX Plus boots have been a big hit for both street and track riders alike ever since their original introduction a few years ago. They were made even better in 2011, when they received a major overhaul. Now, for 2013, Alpinestars has given them a refresh that focuses on refinements rather than a complete redesign.

The refinements mainly center around streamlining the inner heel/ankle section of each boot. This area is where the bottom of Alpinestars’ unique ankle support, called the Multi Link Control System, connects to the boot itself. On the previous model, some of the components protruded slightly, which ran a very slight risk of getting hung up on any parts of the bike. Alpinestars remedied this by extending the molded heel cup up and forward so that a recess could be added for the ankle support. This allows a very clean integration between the Multi Link Control System and the heel. An exhaust vent cutout in the lower, inner side of the heel has also been removed for this same reason, but the second exhaust on the outer side remains. Outside of the refined rear, the 2013 SMX Plus goes relatively unchanged and retains all the features that made it one of the top selling boots of the last few years.

Many of the same features found on the top-of-the-line Alpinestars Supertech R make their way to the SMX Plus, only boiled down into a more value-priced design. The exterior leather chassis features leather accordion stretch panels on the front side and on the back of the boot which, just like on Alpinestars leather suits, provide enhanced flexibility without sacrificing abrasion resistance. On one side of the toe box, a dual-density toe slider is included with expanded coverage for the upper area of the toe which is excellent for riders that like to dig into the peg on the inside foot while cornering. Additionally, the sole has a lip on its front edge that covers the stitching that attaches the upper chassis to it for even greater durability. To prevent the shifter from wearing into the boot and increase feel, a rubber pad is sewn in just above the toes.

Up at the top of the boot, a large swath of TPU armor wraps around the calf and houses a ratcheting closure mechanism for a secure fit on the rider. It’s also well-padded on the inside for comfort and impact protection. A single zipper on the outer-facing side of the boot has a stretch panel sewn into it to accommodate different foot shapes and the zipper latch itself has a home under the TPU protector up top so that it doesn’t end up flapping in the wind as you ride.

Inside the boot, a full-length microfiber liner is both breathable and supremely comfortable. The liner is padded with open cell foam in all of the right places and quickly molds itself to the shape of the foot to provide maximum feel with no discomfort at all. This is further aided by a special tongue with a Kevlar speed lace mechanism that pulls the foot down into the boot for a solid, secure feeling. Everything is sat atop a rubber sole that’s formulated to last. The grip pattern features an even run of rain sipes that provide secure traction on the bike so you can go for it in bad weather without the worry of your feet slipping off the pegs.

If you’re interested in a pair of the new SMX Plus boots, or any other Alpinestars gear, you can get in touch with Brad for expert assistance. Feel free to send him a message through this forum or give him a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 810. You can also send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

The Alpinestars SMX Plus boots are available in Vented Black (pictured), White/Black, Black/White/Red, Black/White/Yellow, and Non-Vented Black.

MSRP $369.95

Ankle support and protection is still provided by the Multi Link Control System, which is comprised of three separate, but integral, parts that support the ankle joint and help prevent injury by hyperextension in a crash. Also note the accordion stretch panel sewn in at the back of the boot.

A large piece of TPU armor wraps around the top of the boot.

The heel features a replaceable slider at the back and a metal slider imbedded into the outer side.

A stretch panel running parallel with the zipper allows for flexibility and a comfortable fit for varying foot sizes.

The toe features a dual density slider that provides good coverage and is replaceable.

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