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Bashed the bike :(
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I rashed up the right mirror on my k7 750 when I highsided and the left one has a couple scratches from getting bumped in the garage, so I'm thinking about replacing both with some aftermarket mirrors. I have seen some plain black plastic (like the OEM ones) and some with a carbon fiber look to them, and noticed a few sets like these on eBay.

eBay Motors: SUZUKI GSXR GSX-R 600 CARBON MIRRORS K6 K7 K8 06 07 08 (item 220306286689 end time Nov-10-08 20:11:21 PST)

Has anyone used aftermarket mirrors? Does anyone know if there are aftermarket mirrors where the arms on them are a little longer than stock? One of the few complaints that I have about the gixxer is that the mirrors on it suck compared to the R6S that I had before. Even just half an inch or so would help get them farther out to the side to make them more useful. Thanks for any experience or advice you might be able to give.

- Jason
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