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Advice on what to go back to school for?

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I have no clue. LOL! I was doing some courses a while back. Criminal Justice stuff. I want to maybe go to a tech school. Im pretty good with computers and like using them. I would think thats in demand. I worry about a saturated job market though. Seems like everyone and their brother goes to school for I.T. work, or something computer related.
Any ideas would be great. Im 25 and have no idea what to do with myself as far as school and jobs go. Im not alone I would think. Right now I do whatever I can to pay the bills. I would like to do more than that though.
Thanks in advance.
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Opps wrong place for this. Sorry mods. I wasnt paying attention for a minute there.
My bad.
Something finance related or Real estate. You can combine those two and have your own business after a while.
JoeyNumbers said:
Opps wrong place for this. Sorry mods. I wasnt paying attention for a minute there.
My bad.
No problem, I got it moved into the Open Forums for ya.
ONLY ONE THING TO DO!!!! Seriously... Do what you love to do... Take your time figure out what you really enjoy, and all the rest of lifes problems will be minor.

I went to school for mechanical Engineering. After a couple symesters I was like Fuck this! Grandma told me to "Do what you love to do, be an Artist." "Money will not make you happy, do what you love and all the rest will fall into place." Well, I took her advice, and focused on fine arts, Metalsmithing in particular. Now, 10 years later, am I wealthy? NO, but I lack for nothing, I have a beautiful home in a great location in Tampa, I got my Bike, and nice car, Yadda Yadda Yadda... But most importantly, I'm enjoying life. I do what I like for a living...
No I don't make my living as a Silversmith, but as a Graphic Artist. It's Fun, I Have a Sweet window Office in Tampa looking out over the water, I got cool toys I get to play with, and it's fun...

SO, I can say from experiance do what you love to do. Find out what really motivates you and excites you, then go for it!!! Besides, think about all the sour pussed, grumpy men and Women you see running around in their $60-120K Status Mobiles, miserable as hell with all sorts of money... Just take a look around, you'll see them. So focus on what YOU want to do... then do it... Fuck Status, Fuck Money as a Goal... It's not happiness in and of itself... But the Drugs are better.... In the words of Tyler Durden...

You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.
So sit back, Enjoy the ride, things just get better and better.... Then you die... :headbang

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IT market is not great here hasn't been since 2001 and 9/11 ( I used to work as an acct mgr for an IT consulting firm placing contractors)

Like Rev said--take some time and find out what you enjoy...because if you do enjoy's not a job at all! :)
Do whatever you feel like you wanna do - and that you think yo can do. And whats more its never too late. I started doing my Town Planning degree last year, and there was a 45yo guy in my class who is a cabinetmaker by trade.
There's always a need for medical people. No, I don't mean become a Medical Transcriptionist through one of those 1-800-med-degree places. Get a real medical job. Once I'm out of the military I'm going to Paramedic school, only reqs are EMT-Basic certificaton, high school diploma, and some anatomy/physiology classes. 2yr school, one year classroom, one year working in a ambulance/ER. Not very expensive, but the work is VERY INTENSE, it's ALOT of information in a small amount of time, so don't expect to slide through the school.

I agree with what others said, do what you love, what I wrote above is what I love, so it's what I'm going to do, simple as that. Good luck with whatever you do!
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