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Were prowd to announce our 1 year anniversary ride and event, Addics Relapse!
A fun filled day of riding, hanging out with friends and meeting new riders! We will
start the day out with a couple different twisty routes throughout the twin cities.
The meet up times for the twisty routes will be posted up very soon, the twisty
routes will be 2 1/2 to 3 hours long. Then a regroup in Lake Elmo for a short parade
route to get some good pics and video of the whole group, we will be heading to
Century Power Sports where they will be grilling food for us! After eating dinner there
will be some time to chill, coverse with friends and fellow riders and possibly get your
bike Dyno'ed if Bikeman is able to make it out. Than at Dark we will be having a drive in
style movie night showing Biker Boys and Torque on a 16 foot screen! We will also have
popcorn for the movie too! If after dinner you wish to go home and drop your bike off
and come back out in your car/truck, Century Power Sports will allow you to have
alcohol during the movies.(please just try to keep the drinking to a minumum)

Twisty route #1

Twisty route #2

Twisty route #3

Twisty route #4
Ge Ly

all riders from anywhere and any level are welcome!!!!!! pm me with any questions!
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