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A video request – birds

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Of all the weird and astounding videos I have seen here and elsewhere I have yet to see a bird vs. bike video. I find this odd because of the sheer volume of recording going on and the number of times I personally have almost hit a number of birds. Anyone have anything like this?
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Now I have been around a lot longer than my stats indicate, I was here for about a year before the great SBN wipeout.
And Jiggly I have seen that picture, I think it was an owl?
Still can't believe that none has a video of someone hitting a mocking bird or sparrow or something...
FastJohnny said:
Video of guy hitting a bird, with some lane splitting to boot. Im not 100% sure if he really hit it or if the bird caught the current around the screen, but its close.^^+ATV/16/D80058B2-5A83-422E-8E2E-01B91EE255E4.htm
:eek:nfloor The guy says he is riding a 'GSX-R1' HAHAHA Friggin :squid
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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