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Alot also has to do with the bike and how year, and make. Once you have "Mastered " the wheelie, it can be done on almost n e bike. When i first started it was on a 96 gsxr 750.......... It was explained to me as such........ "ok man, what you wanna do is start out slow, get on the throttle, and as soon as you fell the power band kick in tap the clutch........." WELL........ it works, but even that bike had a little too much power for that. It works wonders for trying to bring up an SV 650 lol....... I didnt get it down great till i got my 03' Gixxer 1000, powering up was cake, and could bring it up as slow or as fast as i wanted, i loved that bike:-( it was sold against my will before i came to korea, after a small accident and an angry spouse pushed it over 3 times. Oh well, soon enough ill be back on the road!!! Make sure you start out slow and understand what "clutching" means. We were at a stop light and one of the dudes next to me told my friend " hey man clutch it up" on the green light, and on an 03 r6, he rolls off, cranks the RPM's to 12'500 and dumps the clutch. The bike shot off the groud like a rocket strait up in the air. He was fine.................. end state, start clutching slow, in small incriments, as you add throttle and youll be fine...............
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