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The Good
-Full Polished Frame, Rims, Swingarm, heel Guards
-Fender Eliminator
-Cats-eye short stalk signals
-K&N Air Filter
-Two Bros. Pipe
-Like new 520 sprockets/chain -1 in front
-80% Bt-020 Tires
-22k miles
-Meticulously cared for by me
-Synthetic Oil
-Runs great

The Problem

The other night the shift fork gave way and the bike pops out of 2nd into neutral at about 8k-9k rpm. I have neither the money nor the mechanical skills to fix it so I'm forced to sell it. I haven't rode it since so the gear is fine its just the shift fork that makes it pop out. Its a cheap fix if your a mechanic.

im in Utica, NY and you can reach me at:

[email protected]
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