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synch is important.

This sounds exaclty like the problem I just had with my kawi (pipe and pods, too).

Make sure the tank is venting. Fill the bike up and go for a ride. After a dozen or two miles, shut it off and open the tank. If you hear a sucking sound, there's your problem. Take the petcock apart and make sure all the passages are clean. Mine also had diaphrams, if you're paranoid enough you can try taking them out to be sure there's always an openning (mine were fine, problem was that previous owner put an o-ring where there shouldn't be one). I think they're there to make sure fuel vapors don't leak out, but i'm not sure.

I that doesn't help, make sure that the vacuum line going between carb and petcock is running in a nice organic curve. You might be best off getting a new one ($1 at autozone) to make sure it's not old and cracked. I had this problem too, and it had the same symptoms.

Both of these essentially reduce the float level. (make the float level whatever k&n recommends, if it's different than what you have, btw).
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