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what R you lookin' at?
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well, i'm thinking of selling the miata. i am the only owner of the car. and i bought it off the showroom floor. it now has 172,000mi. i know have 3 cars (including the miata) and 2 motorcycles, and motorcycles are my newest toy's and i'm investing all my time into that. and the miata is rarely driven. 1-2x a month for the last year or so. i'm very reluctant to sell the car, so i'm pretty firm w/ the price.

it has never been in a actual accident. BUT it has been backed into and run into, 3 times over it's life...kinda crazy. but the only panels w/ OE paint are the hood, trunk and RR quarter panel. the wife recently (2yrs ago) ran into the carport pole.......... , but it's not that bad, and we buffed it out, so the dent is not as noticable.

the car has:
1.9liter motor (bored and balanced and blueprinted) by MazMax on Little York, i've had the motor for about 4yrs now. 12/00 137,000mi then.
intake is also portmatched to the head
Magnacore plug wires
Flat Black powdercoated Valve Cover
Bosal Header
Thermal Exhaust system
Jackson Racing Cold Air Intake
Flying Miata swaybars, springs
KYB AGX (adjustable shocks)
15" BBS FORGED wheels from the LE miata, 10lbs ea
Brainstorm Lo-Profile headlights
MOMO steering wheel and shifter
Alpine headunit XM ready, boston acoustic door and hedrest speakers
Hard Dog HARDCORE 2X bar
R-package ft and rear airdam
trailer hitch

what it needs: someone to take care of her, i just don't drive her enough.
also: power steering rack, still drive's. just makes noise
windshield (crack)
recovered driver's seat, from my robust ass getting in and out of the car. i have OE seat cover's that i've never put on.
maybe rear tires, ft's are yoko ES-100's

$4250, pretty firm

will have a link up later w/ more pics


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If you weren't in Houston...I might be interested...but I've gone on enough treks of over several hundred miles to pick up vehicles in the last few years...

It is a nice looking car though man. I like Miatas. Hook them up with a supercharger and they turn into drift machines...
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