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My dad used to have an '83 CB550SC until he sold it to build a garage (his first mistake, hahah). Anyway, he just happened to come across the guy who bought it a week ago, and now my dad wants to buy it back. The guy who bought it from him has been on it twice, that's it. The bike has sat for about 15 years under a cover and doesn't start at all. It probably hasn't been started in the past ten years. A few questions...

I know nothing about the condition of this bike other than it won't start and hasn't started in roughly 10 years. Considering this, is this bike even worth trying to fix?

What would a decent offer be? KBB says $755 for a CB550SC in "good" condition. I would think maybe $100-$200 is pretty fair. I think the guy would be lucky to get $50. If the bike is worth fixing, what could one expect to be wrong right off the bat from sitting there that long? My guess would be just about everything... Tires, motor, trans, ignition, intake, electrical, and probably a ton more. My dad is extremely skilled when it comes to fixing anything with a motor in/on it, so that's not really a concern. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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