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8/14 Who is riding??

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So what is the plan??? Going to waterstreet?? anybody want to ride before hand....say about 6?? I will be off the puter till about 5 so if anybody would like to hook up about 6 for a the cell. 262-391-7744
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LOL, that shit is funnie
incognito0160 said:
I'm game for a ride, but don't know what Water st is. From the pictures it looks like a little to young to "enjoy" all of the festivities. Not sure though? let me know otherwise, or if anybody else wants to go for a ride by the lake or around the area.
Nope, you don't even go in a bar....just hang out, shoot the shit, holler at hot chicks, eat pizza, etc.....I am actually bummed I am missing out tonight...maybe I will get natalie to take me out there, and I can see if you all start hollering or not, so I know if I am hot or not....LMAO
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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