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5/28 Ride

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Lookin to see if anyone wants to hit either clermount or .6? I would like to get a good group and have some fun on the holiday weekend. I say .6 and have some lunch at the special place. Gona have the bikes 1st service done so Im ready to see how she really feels.
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The Governor said:
BET, did you read the STICKY at the top of the Group Ride section. All ride posts need to be posted in the regular Florida forum. No one reads the other section. :bitchslap

Enjoy your ride on Sunday. I'm putting on a Monday ride. Try and make it out if you can. :)
Thanks Gov and :bitchslap back at cha :lao

The wifey is goin away for a gurls weekend down in sarasota and Monday is the day the men are gona head that way to do some grillin and drinkin so I doubt I can do the Monday ride.

Im really hopin alot of my boys can come out and play sunday though so post up you bitches and lets ride SUNDAY
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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