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Time for the 2nd Annual Dice'n & Slice'n Marathon Ride!
Total distance of this twisty road route will be 300 miles!
....and that does not include your mileage from your house to the start,
or your return mileage back calculate that in.
It's a full day of rockin' the backwoods!
Many interested responses last year about this ride, but the weather turned out to be less than perfect (30-40 degree temps).
Only 3 of us made the entire distance. Forecast looks much better so far.
This ride is open to all type of bikes & is being posted on multiple websites.
Route will consist of 300 miles of some of the best curvy roads in northern Ky, east & west of I-75,
& I'm sure you might be on some for the first time!

Date : Saturday April 12th
Start location : AA Hwy Speedway Wilder, Ky. (Gloria Terrell Drive )
Meet up time : 8:30...fuel up by 8:45.
Kickstands up : 9:00-9:15 at the latest.....we need to depart on time!
Break stops will be planned at certain points in the route.
Fuel stops will be about 100-120 miles apart.
Lunch location : Williamstown, Ky.....time : when we get there (probably between 12:00-1:00)
(Red Carpet Restaurant with a reserved area for the group)
In case of large turnout : we will form a 2nd group with a staggered start if needed.
Route map : I will have printed copies of the entire route for everyone that wants one.
End location : Rabbit Hash, Ky. (see me if directions needed from there)
End time : shooting for 6:00 at the latest if we don't get behind schedule
Pace : Ride to YOUR skill level only *discussed before we depart.
We wait at all stops & turns till everyone's together before proceeding.

In case of bad weather on the 12th, Sat the 19th will be the rain date,
and I'll post that on this thread by Friday the 11th at the latest.
Plan on cooler temps to start, so gear up accordingly. Weather temps look great so far, but could always change.
Please arrive early & have a full tank & empty bladder by 9:00.
I know this is a very early start time, but with breaks, lunch, possible traffic delays, & 300 miles to cover to reach the Hash by 6:00, we have to depart this early.
For those that don't know me, I've led 100's of group rides locally & across the Midwest & South. My pace for a ride is always adapted to the size & skill level of the group.
Any questions or requests for more info, please post here in this thread,
or you can contact me via private message.

*For some added incentive for those that might like to join in but have time restraints, & might want to leave early or start later......
First leg of this ride is 120 miles, with a break, then fuel & Lunch in Williamstown.(12:00-1:00 - you could leave or start here)
Second leg is 110 miles, with a break, & fuel in Falmouth.(maybe 4:00-4:30-if on schedule - you could leave for home from here) 230 miles so far.
Third leg is 73 miles to the finish at Rabbit Hash. (6:00) 303 miles.
Scalded Hog food trailer should be open if you want to eat dinner there.

Hope this is enough notice so you can mark this on your calendar as a not-to-be-missed-300 mile-rockin'ride!
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