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250 for highway

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I'm interested in getting a bike. I live out in the boondocks, so a trip to town is 40 miles one way. A trip to an actual city is 100 miles one way. Most of the miles are on I 25. I know you recommend starting on a 250, but should I be looking at a 500 or something a little b***** since I have so many highway miles? Are these bikes comfortable to ride long distances? If I lived in town, I'd go with a 250.

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I am small, at 120 pounds, but in a tuck hitting 65-85 is not a problem at all and higher speeds can be had if needed but not quite as quickly. Riding two up with my girlfriend who is the same weight isn't bad either and hitting 65 was easy with both of us upright, not sure how fast it will go with both of us as I didn't try.
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