Ridden it for several years. I bought it new in 2016 and customized it along the way. I'm wanting to sell or trade it for another bike with more power, speed and paniers for storage, preferably a sport touring or ADV bike.
  • Drivetrain: 15 tooth front sprocket (stock 14 tooth).

  • Interior: K&N air filter, Airbox lid and snorkel removal, Power Commander FC, 12 o' Clock Labs speedo corrector, Eklipse 12v extension, USB charger.

  • Exterior: Frame Sliders, Yellow Reflection Tape, Ram Aquabox case, Classic Honda colored tassels, Schwinn bicycle bell, Apple Lightning cable, Helmet lock, Windscreen, Cramp Buster.

  • Lighting: LED tail light bulb, Amber LED license plate bulb, Amber LED headlight bulb.

  • Exhaust: Hot Bodies MGP Growler Slip-on silencer.