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For those of us that are either done with our riding/track season, or getting close to the end of it, how did your 2013 road & track season go!?! For those still blessed with bearable riding weather, what are you hoping to accomplish or experience for the remainder of the year (besides posting pics to make us northerners jealous all winter, lol)?

So how was your year overall?

Awesome! Didn't get in as many street miles or track days as last season, but made much b***** strides in learning and astronomical gains in the mental aspects of riding towards the end of the year.


-Finally meeting a lot of people in person that I've been FB/forum friends with
-Successfully disassembling my bike down to the frame and reassembling it without it falling apart
-Working with Gabe & Karl at School of R.O.C.C., and Aaron at CRA N.R.W. to try to get me past some mental hurdles
-Seeing my wife get so involved with ZARS, as it has made her realize this is a huge family that just isn't about "people on bikes trying to go fast"
-Getting bumped Advanced in ZARS and TrackAddix (first time there at a new-to-me track!) after my moto-mental breakdown at CRA
-FINALLY believing in myself, tuning out the doubt, and taking my riding to a level all my friends were saying I was already basically at
-Getting my CRA Novice license on my street bike.
-Being able to ride multiple days at Barber, Road America, BIR, and MPH
-Did I mention the HUGE mental breakthrough?


-How I felt during/after the June CRA weekend....which was my first time back at BIR simce my T7 crash last Aug...I never want to feel that way about motorcycles or my riding again
-Cold tire lowside at DCTC Appreciation Day. First time riding there in a year, first time back at DCTC on the Duc since over 2 yrs ago. More of a frustrating "are you KIDDING me" crash than anything
-Realizing I need to get my legs in better shape


-Laughable compared to last season. Started at ~17k, and ended at ~22k. The catch is only ~1400 were street ridden....which is not normal.

Anything different from past years, good or bad?

-Ended the year MUCH more confident in tire grip, as I was running GP-As w/warmers for the first time on the Duc.
-Felt more like I had a strategy to work on things most of the sessions as opposd to just going out and turning laps, still need to work on not trying to work on too many things in one given session.

Plans for 2014?

-CSS Lvl 3 & Code R.A.C.E. @ Willow Springs OR CSS Lvls 3 & 4
-Racing at least 3 of the 5 '14 CRA events
-Purchased a pedal bike for offseason training to work the muscles that tend to "check out" on me at the track
-Possibly doing a Euro MC tour that includes 4 days in the Italian Alps w/2 days at Sachsenring.
-Coming into next season better than I was at the end of this past season
-Being a positive role model for riders new to the track
-Hopefully retiring the 848 from doing triple duty as a street/track/race bike, and make it track/race only.

Any pics that highlights your season?



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This has been a really great year for me in a lot of ways, though I barely got any riding in at all. But the riding I have done has been amazing. I spent all my ride time this year exploring PA and a little of MD. Wow. I just wish the riding season was longer. Winter didn't even end until freaking JUNE. :brrr :wtf :lol

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Sounds like you had a great year. Mine started in March where I had a nasty off last session of the first trackday weekend. Took a few months to shake it off except for some torn or ripped or whatever muscles in my back which still hurt to this day.

Around August got some really good instruction which changed my style a lot for the better. Since then it's been one milestone after the other. Got bumped to advanced in Sept, best thing is I never asked for an eval. I got noticed during the morning then rode a few sessions with a coach. Next thing I know he tells me he slapped a sticker on there during lunch sneaky like :)

Last weekend was our final TD of the year. SURPISE on Sunday there was a race school being offered. My wife jumped at it, I was not really interested but she talked me into it. Next thing I know it's mock race time, there were 8 of us and I was put in the back. Managed to work my way up front after a few laps. The race ended with a last lap pass by yours truly I took it to the bank for the win. Never thought racing could be so much fun, even if I didn't win it would have still been a blast. So I may be hooked on the racing thing we will see what next year brings. Plans include some more trail riding this winter which we just started getting into this year. And definitely some gym/crossfit time to get back in shape.

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I'll counter the track aspect of the OP with an all street aspect.

Simply put, I don't make the dough for track days. It certainly doesn't help that the local track used to do 6 weekends a year, and now they do 2. Regardless of that I've shifted priorities from my bike being a track/street bike to street only, until I get some serious fucking coin for transportation to OH/WV/Eastern PA for weekenders on a 2nd bike. This is 5+ years in the future, if ever, knowing my luck. It's 0 - 1 track day a year for me, if that, until then. (And even when I do go I'll be putting around scared shitless of sliding my baby down the track...)

That said, I'm pretty much THE street guru for south western PA, south eastern OH, the northern half of WV and western MD. I have oodles of roads videoed, some I've 'founded' myself on my youtube channel and and have helped a couple of people build routes for rides, when they asked, even one guy from Toronto. I now ride 400 to 500 miles in a day on Sat or Sun hitting all of my favorites and looking for more roads, or more efficient/fun ways to get to my favorites.

I switched up bikes this year (a month ago) to further suit this more street side of riding, but without getting something full on into sport touring, and am pretty much in love with the bike. I've always been a 'jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none' bike rider, and this bike's VFR predecessors pretty much founded that credo.

I do hope to go back to the track and do a track day (or weekend) in 2014, basically to keep getting instruction, and bettering myself.

We'll see how it all turns out.

Highlights - New bike
More videos w/ the best sound quality you've ever heard on a riding video
More roads
More twisty goodness

Lowlights - The weather this year was the worst since I've started riding. Rain. Cold. Rain & Cold. Cold & Rain

Miles - After this last ride I'm above 8200. My most ever, and not bad considering I only ride 1 day a week. (No commuting. No 'putzing around' Just Sat or Sun)

Plans for 2014 - Upgrades.
A track day.
More miles, more roads and a 2 or 3 day vaycay of WV mountains
Longshot - NC/TN vacation

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Mine was good, but okay. Didn't get nearly as much track time as I wanted, but I'll update with more details later.
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I fixed my bike up and got it back on the road just as colder weather hit, and then last night someone hit or pushed over my bike while it was parked and I have to re-do the body work I just did.

In short, fuck.

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Glad your doing so well Christian. Your coming along nicely. Wish I could ride behind you to learn a few things.

Ill start with lows

Sort of a slow year for me. been in court most of the year for family law retaining custody of my 7 year old. The stress has been a real bitch, I normally run Xcountry and I only did a little this year. Good news is I will retain my 68% custody. I worked so much I didn't have the free time I normally do. Add to all that my riding partner had knee surgery so he was down the beginning of summer.

Highs were awesome.

Traded in the 848 for the Panigale, and it instantly increased my ability by about 10% in the corners.
Hit 170 this year setting my personal record. I don't try hard its a fun thing not a goal. For the first time I was able to follow my riding partner and stay on his rear tire up his favorite tight twisties, and on the fast high speed corners I pulled him and actually walked away from him for the first time. I did on the 848 but only due to pavement conditions and his ST tires were sliding due to the new greasy pavement. The Q2's were holding perfectly.

On the last note.

The salt was too wet this year for land speed racing. There was some big competition this year. Catrol hired Jason Disalvo to take Roacky's title away using a triumph streamliner. It was a laughable joke and their inexperience showed with a miserable 90mph run before it caught fire due to a aluminum exhaust manifold melting. bad design all the way around. You couldn't pay me to drive that rig.

They also had Sam Wheeler out with his new rig but again to wet to really post anything, and im not sure his rig is up top snuff as its been redesigned.

The Bub rig made one run around the low 300's but no where near getting close to anything record worthy and they were out.

All these other rigs are 250mph bikes pushed to get to 350 ish on their best day. The Ack Attack is a 450 mph bike trying to see its full potential. All it will take to get to 400 is good salt conditions and Rocky will be the first man to go that fast on two wheels.

Sad note

we lost Bill Warner this year. Wish he would have played on the salt, he would still be with us.

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I had a hell of a year. Got back on a bike I owned for the first time in 2 years. My F4i is and will continue to be a great bike. I love it.

Other than that:

Nailing hwy 263 from Christopher Lake SK to Waskesui Lake SK at speed. they repaved a few bad sections and for the first time I could go end to end without worrying about the road ahead. That is a fun road. could be about 3 times tighter, but it's all I got, so I abuse the hell out of it.

Making it home in that snowstorm. Photos have repeatedly been posted. I will speak of this when I am 65, I am sure. That was insane, but totally worth it.

Learning to rev match. Finally. My F4i started it, and my VFR (with the smoothest transmission I have ever encountered) finished it. I'm a happy man about that.

Topping out the F4i and the VFR. Repeatedly. :D I swear, I don't do it often. but damn it's fun when I do.

Some of the most fun I had was the long distance, no real destination riding. During the spring, before my F4i was hit, I got paid the Friday of a long weekend, turned my phone off, and left home. 3 days and 2 nights later I pulled in, with over 1,700km added. I went nowhere in particular, I had nowhere in particular to go. I just burnt fuel.
Tried the same thing on the VFR. got about 600 miles in before I was done. Do want to do more though.

Riding my VFR around Alberta when I was out there building the hotel in Consort was great fun. Every day after work I'd fuck off for a couple of hours in one direction or another. One Friday night I actually padded my way all the way to my old oilfield stomping grounds, 4 hours away. It's changed a bit out there. </nostalgia>

Shit, just buying the VFR was an adventure and a half. totally worth it, love that bike.

And I cannot leave out, getting laid on my F4i this spring. that was a good time n a half, and something off the bucket list for sure.

Overall, I had many good moments this year, plenty not on this list. This winter, once I'm back from La Ronge, hopefully I'll give the VFR a suspension refresh (maybe a mod er two? eh, eh? ;) ) and get the F4i built properly for track days.

and now, The Lows

overall, only one really bad time of things, and that was The Bitch getting involved in a hit and run. That was a really frustrating, angering morning. But, without that, I wouldn't have my VFR, so I cannot complain, since I now own two bikes, and both are in need of some very minor work.

and that's about it.

next season

Next season, I hope to hit the new Castrol raceway outside of Edmonton, AB. supposedly it's quite a good layout, and was just finished late this year. my goal this year was the same, but with that track being unfinished, my F4i getting hit, and then learning I was working out of town until the tracks were going to be winding down up here, it just did not happen. Track days are always the goal, so that's unchanged.

Still want an undertail on the VFR. would like a side case and auxiliary gas tank (because I have had a couple of "am I gonna make it?" moments, even on that fuel miser of a bike), and maybe a suspension mod or two, because why the fuck not?
the F4i needs some track fairings, and a couple of cheap, well known fixes (fuel pressure regulator and a cam chain tensioner) and it'll be good for another couple of eons. Oh, and a clutch cable. that too.

Overall, yeah, was greatly happy to get back on a bike. Everyone who knows me said I was a much more happy guy on April 9th than I was on April 8th. And that hasn't changed. there's always some depression at the end of the season, but that just means there's work to do on the bikes, too.

Here's hoping by this time next season I am yakking about my track days, getting the VFR paid off, and doing my leg in the Roaming Gnome rally!
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I'll start with my lows. I was really excited for this year on my Tuono, but the bike had constant issues. The weather was really crappy too this summer, so on the rare occasion I got out I wound up finding the bike having a problem. Including one time over 400 miles from home in the Vermont mountains when my brake lever just decided to turn to mashed potatoes.

In September I traded it for a brand new Tiger 800 and have put over 3000 miles on it already. I have explored every road worth riding in my area, but now this bike is opening new off road area to me. It's like being new to the area all over again! Dirt roads I always sped past on a sportbike are now a whole new adventure.

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Started at CMP with a double header weekend. I had a tough time learning the track. My Buell wouldn't run for the second race of day one. Ran fine the rest of the weekend...

Next was NJMP, bike broke in a big way. I was in second when it just shut off going into one.

Summit Point - bike still broke

VIR - Bike still broke

Drive to Pittsburgh, buy new Buell.

Summit Point - a second, two thirds and pitted in from second after the white flag (stupid). Not bad learning a new bike and GP shift.

NJMP - I don't remember, but I think it started to turn around here.

Summit - Blew fuse before my two races with it a one race gap in the middle. Borrowed a friend's SV for points

NJMP - I don't remember the finishes, I think a few thirds and a second. My favorite part was on the second day, my front tire just shit the bed. The bike wouldn't finish corners. I still led half a lap before Brian went past me and all the experts, but I kept the white plate guys in front of me.

As miserable as the season was, it was still great. I got second in Thunderbike points, third in F40LW. I had a blast with my friends. And even though part of me thinks with Sam, Brian and Tommy going expert next year, I could have a good run at winning something, I'm stoked that I finally finished enough races to get an expert license and proved to myself, that I can stay with some of them...

Street bike - I put slicks on it because it never gets ridden. The DOT take off's I mounted two years ago are finally fried.

Scooter - Still humming along.

New Buell going to IMR for 1169 work. Old Buell fixed and for sale (113.8 on IMR's dyno).

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I spent most of my time riding two-up or commuting to work. my chicken strips have been huge all year! I only got to go on a handful of twisty joy rides by myself which is ok because it keeps me from riding too fast (although i'm slow compared to most people).

I went on a group ride with a bunch of douchebags. Split off when they got pulled over by the police and found out that 2 of them wrecked shortly after. wow.

The fiance and I did a small road trip when i still had the 600RR which was painful but a lot of fun. She also took me to Indy MotoGP which was awesome! we both had a blast and want to go back again.

I put a few thousand miles on the 600RR and also picked up a minty '93 FZR 600 to play with. I cleaned it up and did some basic maintenance, but the thing was totally gutless (maybe that's where modern 600s got the reputation from?). I mean I've had 3 05+ 600s and loved them all but that FZR was a turd, especially two up. I mostly bought it because it was so clean and crazy cheap, so I was able to sell it for $900 more than I paid.

Later in the year I bought the BMW F800ST hoping to do some longer trips next summer, but honestly I'm not that excited about the bike and want to sell it.

Sadly, I haven't rode in about a month. The weather got cold and rainy here plus we have a new puppy that I have to take care of in the morning so I just haven't felt like riding to work.

Overall, I'm thankful for a safe year and the memories I made with my fiance. I got to add a couple more bikes to the list of ones I've owned/ rode. I wish I could've put some more miles on, but if next year goes as well as this year I'll be happy.

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My year in review: I started the season with an FZ6R which I had put 10K miles on the year before and a GS500E that I planned to track. I ended up upgrading to a VFR800 and ZX6R early on in the year which I now use for the same tasks and I am totally happy with my choices. I don't plan on changing bikes anytime soon...although the new super duke is one hell of a machine. Maybe some day

-Got another 10K miles of riding in. This number is hopefully still going up, but it won't be going up very quickly as Michigan is likely seeing its first snow today.
-Got more comfortable working on bikes. The GS500 was a nice ice-breaker. Doing a valve inspection on the difficult V-Tec valves this winter will be a new challenge.
-Got to the track for the first time. Did 9 days in total.
-DRAGGED KNEE!!!!! But more importantly, greatly improved my body position
-met some new people riding that I actually enjoy (not too conservative, but not too squidy)

-Not so personal, but found out the guy I sold the GS500 to, who was a coworker, had the bike stolen shortly after
-Tons of rain in the early summer in MI which made riding miserable for a solid month
-Cancelled a ride, and my first attempt at a SS1000 (Saddle Sore 1000), to Dallas to visit my brother due to rain...ended up not raining the next day at all even though the forecast was 90%:fail
-had a low-side at Gingerman which wrung my bell fairly hard. Learned my lesson though: I am not good or MATURE enough to do intermediate and set my own pace at new tracks. I will always start in Novice any time I go to a new track now.
-Did no rides longer than 300 miles all summer

Expectations for 2014
-Get at least one trip to Deal's Gap and the surrounding area
-Do a SS1000 (Saddle Sore 1000)
-Trackday at Mid-Ohio and Road America
-Improve my lap times safely at familiar tracks.
-cross my fingers for another year of no mechanical failures



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...Expectations for 2014..
-Do a SS1000...
First, beautiful VFR800.

Second, do you mean an open-class sportbike? I know I think faster than I type, so I was just curious. If so, you must!!! 1000cc sportbikes are incredible. Just don't buy one. You'll find the more time you spend at the track, the less time you spend going fast on the street.

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I guess that is vague. What I mean by doing an SS1000 is a Saddle Sore 1000. 1000 miles in 24 hours. Also called a Iron Butt, or Bun Burner I believe?

I am plenty satisfied at this point in my riding career with the ~100HP range, and also realize it is probably the sensible (and definitely the right economic) choice.

If I ever decided to get out of street riding, and cut my fleet down to one bike, then maybe i'd get something b*****/more valuable. But I have lots of room to improve yet on my 600. For instance, I think I am at least 10 seconds off the pace at my favorite track, Grattan, on my 600. So I have many skills to gain, yet!

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I still love street riding, I just ride a lot slower than I used to.

Thanks for the clarification on the SS1000. Sounds like a cool accomplishment.

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Two moto trips to the USA in 2013, one was 2 weeks long.

Went and rote this:

It was also my first time riding in the beach:

Rebuilt the engine of the XT after it ingested dirt:

I had a couple, very expensive, break downs this year, for example, the chain broke and took the swingarm, sprocket carrier, chain guard and adjuster with it.

And the dirt ingestion during this ride:

Rode to Acapulco and back in one day with the SV1K that I no longer own.

I have to upload a bunch more pictures, but it was quite a good year! Well, it is being a very good year, year round riding season, so this year riding season ends right when next year riding season begins :D

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2013 was a great year on two wheels for me.

Bought a crf70 and crf80 for my kids and taught them to ride. I now have two new riding partners!
An 8,000 mile cross country trip
Attended my first motorcycle rally (BMW MOA International Rally)
Did an Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000
Went to Deal's Gap again
Did two weekend trips into WV
Did a weekend trip to Vermont and rode to the top of Mt. Washington
Did a weekend trip to Detroit
Did a handful of overnight bike camping trips
Broke 50,000 miles on my SV (though I bought it used, so 48,000 of those miles are mine)

Broke my fibula on my KLR in the woods earlier in the summer
Missed out on doing the MSF ARC course this year (due to my broken leg)
No track days
Chain broke at 80mph on the highway while passing a tractor trailer. Fortunately, no damage to me, and very minimal damage to my bike.

26,000 miles and counting so far this year.

Plans for 2014
Lots more camping and riding in the dirt with my kids!
I have to do an away rotation for my school next year, so I'm looking at doing a three week rotation in Alaska (if I've gotta be away, I may as well be away!). If so, than I will be taking my bike to Alaska, which is a dream of mine.
If Alaska doesn't work out I'll be riding the Trans Taiga Road in Canada

A few pictures:

My kids with their bikes and us camping off the bikes:

Somewhere west of the Rockies:

Dipping my tires in the Pacific Ocean:

Camping in Montana:


At the Bonneville Salt Flats:

Cold weather riding:

Mount Washington:

Damn KLR...

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Moved to Seattle from CT back in December.

Registered the 675 back on the road back in March. Did a 500 mile day out to the coast and back.

Naturally, got a picture in front of the original Starbucks, because of course euro bikes never do anything other than ride to coffee shops:

Fried the crank position sensor. Took me about 2 weeks to figure out what it was, buy the new stator assembly, and fix it.

Did another 450 miles or so down past Rainier, over to Yakima, up to Leavenworth, and back into Seattle.


Heading north to Leavenworth:

Leavenworth (Bavarian themed town):


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Did another 400+ mile day going from Seattle to North Cascades National Park over to Winthrop, down to Leavenworth, back over to Seattle.

Did a 1000 mile trip to Crater Lake in June:

Bought a house. Moved in in July:

And have since basically just been commuting. Hoping to do more long rides/road trips next year. And of course track time.

Started in March at roughly 7k miles, I'm only at a bit more than 13k now. Might hit 14k by the end of the calendar year. I was hoping for 20k, but buying a house threw a wrench into those plans.

EDIT: How the garage roughly sits now:

Hard mounted a tailbag and did some other more commuter friendly mods like lights and such. Got a new exhaust recently.

And a better picture of what Crater Lake looks like. Just couldn't get a good one with the bike in it.

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