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We are selling (2) of our 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R DSB racebikes. The bikes were built as Jake Zemke's primary and secondary bikes.

The two bikes have a similar build spec with the primary bike having upgraded electronics and front suspension. The primary bike is offered for sale exactly as it rolled off the track at Laguna. (Of course we gave it a good cleaning and fresh fluids). The secondary bike is BRAND NEW and only has dyno time on the bike to break the engine in.

If you are interested in either one of the race bikes, just give Brad a call at 866.931.6644 x 810 and he’ll be happy to help. You can also feel free to contact him through this forum, or send an email to FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we’ll get back to you right away!

Primary Bike - $29,900

Ohlins gas cartridges (custom build)
Ohlins TTX MKII shock (custom build)
Ohlins damper
Attack Clamps
Attack rearsets
Renthal clip ons
Renthal sprockets
DID ERV3 chain
SharkSkinz bodywork
Andrew Swenson paint
Bickle Racing tank sliders
Zero Gravity Corsa Screen
Brembo T Drive rotors
Brembo Z04 pads
Brembo GP Master Cylinder
Brembo Remote adjuster
CRG clutch lever
GB engine covers
GB spools
GB shark guard
Alien Motion 12 cell battery (with jumper lead)
Lightech fuel cap
Spiegler custom brake lines
GP-1 rear link
GP-1 custom oil cooler
Samco Hoses
Cox radiator guard
Motion Pro Revolver throttle kit
Manual idle adjuster
BMC race filter
Velocity stacks
Driven smog block off plates
Carbon front sprocket cover
Rizoma brake guard
Saddlemen seat
Hanshaw engine build (only has 100 miles since the motor received a full rebuild)
Akrapovic full titanium exhaust
STM slipper clutch
Brand New Dunlop GPA tires

Motec M800 ECU with advanced options (making it an M820)
Motec SDL3 dash with logging enabled
Motec Shift/data lights
Ignition Module
Lambda sensor (Bosch 4.9 sensor)
WSBK style load cell quick shifter
Military Spec wiring harness/connectors
Full data recording (front and rear suspension, front and rear wheel speed, GPS, throttle position, rpm, brake pressure, A/F etc, etc etc)
This electronic package was built by Scott Smart (MotoGP crew chief for Michael Laverty) in the UK and then we had Richard Stamboli (Attack Performance) tune it on the dyno as well at the last two rounds.

Secondary Bike - $19,900

This bike was built going into the NJMP round as a backup, however was never used. It spent time breaking the motor in on the Dyno, but outside of that is a BRAND NEW bike.

The secondary bike has a similar build with the following exceptions:
Brembo Billet 19x18
Standard OEM oil cooler
Standard OEM velocity stacks
Standard OEM seat
Triumph Kit ECU
Triumph Kit wiring harness
No data recording
No front sprocket cover
Standard OEM slipper clutch
Scott's Performance steering damper

Both bikes (Primary bike is closest)

Both bikes (Primary bike is on the left)

Primary Bike

Secondary Bike


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Here’s a closer look at some of the components that went into the primary bike.

Attack Racing Triple Clamps. The forks come with custom built Ohlins gas cartridges.

Motec SDL3 Dash w/ Logging Enabled, as well as Motec Shift/Data lights.

Ohlins TTX MKII Shock (Custom build)

Ohlins Steering Damper

Brembo Calipers with Z04 pads and Brembo T-Drive Rotors

Renthal sprockets, D.I.D. ERV3 Chain, GB Racing Shark Guard and Spools.


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Akrapovic full titanium exhaust and Attack Racing Rearsets

Akrapovic carbon fiber sprocket cover

Brembo GP master cylinder with remote adjuster and Motion Pro Revolver throttle kit.

GB Racing Engine covers

The Andrew Swenson Paint has plenty of flash.


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No expense was spared on the build and set up of this bike

Here is a shot of the front potentiometer mount.

The potentiometers are vulnerable so when we mounted it we used the front fender as a shield.

The rear pot mounts are integrated into the shock mounting nuts (this way you do not have to disconnect the pot from the shock every time the shock is serviced).

In this shot you will see the wiring harness connectors are cleanly installed

GPS antenna on the tail section

All of the wiring is sorted and labeled

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