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2009 Ninja

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Selling my 2009 Ninja 250R candy thunder blue.
only 163 miles on it! Title in Hand! $3800 obo.
Love her shes beautiful, but found one I like better!

[email protected]

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price little high for a used bike ..
Thats why it says OBO. It may be used (not buying from a dealer) however it only has 163 miles on it. It has only been riden twice.

What do you think is a fair asking price?
You are about $1k too high

2009 Kawasaki EX250J Ninja 250R Motorcycle Retail Value & Price - Kelley Blue Book

I know it hurts but that is what you have to deal with when buying new. Why are you selling? You couldn't have possibly learned how to ride in 163 miles...
Well nada list a new one for $3999 (which is what I paid) and list a used one for $3280. Really 163 miles is "used"? yes it is, however its not a used one with 3 or 4k miles. I have seen many listed around here for $3800. I was spliting the difference between $3999 & $3280 it is $3640. I said $3800 obo willing to go to $3500 thats less than half way between.

And who said I "learned" to ride in 163 miles? Who said I didnt already know how?
I know these bikes are hot but try posting it at around 3200 obo.
yea I wish My wife would ride.. that would be a sweet bike for her. but The RR you have is a much nicer bike... less rattles and noise.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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