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I have an 05 yamaha r6 that will not shift into second gear. It will only click up to neutral, but no further.
Strarts fine and runs fine, getting it out of first gear is the problem. I rolled it backward,(turned off) and got it to shift to up to fifth gear, but this only happened one time.

This problem happened due to the oil filler cap blowing off while I was on the highway.
I live in the northern mid-west. A few days ago I was on my way home in 40 degree weather traveling a total of 23 miles.
It was a clear sunny day, just really cold. So cold I couldn't feel my body. At around 7 miles my bike shut off. The speed limit was 70mph, I down shifted to 4th and it kicked back on. I began riding 5 months ago so im still new, and it never shut off on me so i knew something was wrong. I assume I traveled around 10 to 12 miles before a saw the nearest gas station. When I hit 30mph I could start to feel my legs and toes and noticed my leg felt warm and my shoe was soaked.
When I stopped I quickly noticed it was oil and my pant leg and shoe was soaked. The whole side of my bike was covered in oil. The gas station had one 10 w40 in stock. I put it in and parked it in the corned of the gas station and called for assistance. While I was parking my bike, I noticed it would not shift into second, or any other gear. I got it back to my house, changed the oil and filter out, bought a new oil filler cap, and new battery. It runs good ......But it still wont leave 1st or neutral. Did I cause any internal damage by traveling a long distance with a low level of oil? Like I said, im still kinda new to riding, so if anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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