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Year: 2005
Make: Suzuki
Model: SV650s
Miles: 29143
Location: Richmond Hill GA
General Description: 2005 SUZUKI SV650s motorcycle with many extras I'll be selling complete with jackets pants riding boots front and rear stand helmet and the shop manual and all tools needed to work on it.

I love this bike, but due to back issues riding is becoming less and less fun and more painful, so I have to give it up.

This bike has never been down except at a standstill when the kick stand folded under (Oops).

The bad : Ripped seats, ripped Left hand grip,

The Good: ZX14 Rear shock, Sonic Spring front Springs, RK chain, USB Plug, Phone holder Turn signal galore ( (4 front, 4 rear) and some more.

james.s.rhett at g mail is where I can be reached. I am not active to much on this forum, but I am at

Asking Price: $2400 OBO


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