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Parting out a 2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000. Located in Minneapolis, MN.

This was an ex race bike which I purchased in the winter of 2010-11. At the time it had a fresh top end and tranny. I have only put 1100 street miles on in since; it is currently at 15,500. It has a clear MN title, which will go with the frame.

All items can be viewed at the following: kernsbbo's Library | Photobucket If you would like more pictures of a particular item I can take them. If there is an item in the pictures you would like that I forgot to list please speak up.

This is the first bike I have parted out so if the prices are out of line please speak up. Large and/or heavy items will have shipping charges if you are not local so we can negotiate that on an individual basis.

Assume all items are straight, true, and in working order unless otherwise noted. Many parts such as rear shock, forks, seats, etc are nearly unused while this bike was racing. Otherwise assume 15k miles of wear on items.

Please email me as I have this listed in many places. [email protected]


Frame - No dents, no cracks, has some scratches and worn areas. Includes hardware as seen in pictures. 1600
Engine – Fresh top and tranny. Runs great. Includes airbox, throttle bodies, drive cover, vortex stator cover, oil cooler, all mounting bolts, attached hoses, and attached wiring as seen in pictures. Video of it running available on request. 1600 ***SOLD***
Swing Arm – No dents, no cracks, straight, has some scratches on right side. 75 ***SOLD***
Subframe – Front and rear sections, straight, pax seat loop broken (zip tied on) 200
Forks –New fork seals spring of ’12. Surface scratches on one lower and a gouge on one upper as seen in picures. 250 ***SOLD***
Triple – 115 ***SOLD***
F. Brakes – Galfer steel braided lines. HH Sintered pads with plenty of life. 125 ***SOLD***
R. Brakes – Steel braided lines. 50
L. Rearset – Moto-R aluminum rearset. Some wear from normal use. Includes clutch arm, hardware, and end mount. 65 ***SOLD***
R. Rearset – Moto-R aluminum rearset. Some wear from normal use. 65 ***SOLD***
Pax pegs - 50 **SOLD***
F. Wheel – Scratches around rim from lots of tires changes. Includes full floating rotors, all spacers, and nearly new Mich 2ct (230 w/o tire) 270 ***SOLD***
R. Wheel - Scratches around rim from lots of tires changes. Includes rear rotor, cush drive, all spacers, and nearly new Mich 2ct (230 w/o tire) 270 ***SOLD***
Gauges – 15,500 miles. Mounts have been cut off as seen in pictures. 75 ***SOLD***
L. Clip on – Includes all controls and clutch cable. Some scratches on plastic around light switch. 60
R. Clip on – Includes all controls including throttle cables. Does not include brakes. 60
Radiator – Upper mounts show signs of pulling. 15,500 miles of rock dents on front. No leaks, fan works. 125
F. Seat - 50
R. Seat - 50 ***SOLD***
F. Axle - 20 ***SOLD***
R. Axle - Some surface pitting. 15
Exhaust – M4 full system. SS can has seen the ground and was flipped over to hide damage when repacked in the spring of ’12. 500
Shock – Stock 50
Horn - 20
Spools – Aluminum 10
Dogbones and shock linkage – Bearing will need cleaning. 30
Kickstand – all hardware and mounts needed. Mounting point has grinder marks from bolt heads being cut off. 30
Battery tray - 30
Lock set – One key. Gas cap, ignition, and rear seat release. 125
Fuel tank – No dents, Black, some scratches in paint. 175
Mirrors – one of three has a broken base. Two have wires that were cut and re-soldered. All function. 50
Fuel pump - 60 ***SOLD***
Steering damp - 20
Shark fin chain guard – Under swing-arm mounted chain guard. 20
Ecu - 150
Wiring harness – Used to have an alarm and speedo healer wired in. Headlight plug missing. 120
Fairing stay - 60 ***SPF***
Seat cowl – Blue. Some scratches. 30
Ram air tubes – Chicken wire on inlets - 20
Front upper fairing – From blue, grey, and white bike. 30
Side fairings – Missing lots of tabs, cracks, and scratched. - 30
Tail plastics – Blue and white. Cracked, tail light cracked but working, turn signals. 40
Under tail plastic – Blue. 10

Alpinestars CR race leathers. Never worn. 44/54 $450
Alpinestars SP-1 Gloves. Worn once. Large $80 ***SOLD***
XT racing Ultra-Lap lap timer. Last used in 2008. I put a fresh battery in and it works good. Shortened cable. $100
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