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HEY! so what happened was i got a power commander... pluged it in and got goin... the power commander itself took a shit on me so i took it back off...

keep in mind my bike was runnin fine b4 the power commander... just a little lean..

now i was ridin and all the sudden my bike died... wouldnt start...
i pulled the back seat off to look at the power commander and when i turned on the key the power commander didnt turn on... and my fuel pump didnt pump and i was hearin a clicking noise...

at that point i was tired of messin with the power commander and the only way i could turn the box on was to plug in the 9v adaptor.. so i take off the tank and airbox and all that... turn my bike on... it only gets half way threw its initialization proccess then stops.... and that clicking noise i soon found out was the servo motor on my secondaryu throttle bodies activating... WHICH shoul not be hapening lol and its also not a part of the start up process

so i take the power commander of and still no luck its still effed up....

so in short when i turn the key... i get no fuel pump action... it gets half way through the initialization proccess and stops.. i get no headlights until i hit the starter button... (oh ya the bike will turn over but it wont start) and after all that it activates the servo motor on the secondary flaps of my throttle bodies... oh ya also forgot t mention that when it finally gets them all the way open the motors still goin... so its fightin an already fully open flap) (thats the clickin noise)

(sigh) everything was fine until that god dern power commander....

Any ideas?
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