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2004 YZF-R1 Upper Engine Mount Loosening

Symptom: The upper engine mount bolts could
loosen over a period of time on some units in the
affected range.
Cause: There is a foil-backed rubber insulation
sheet below the air box. During assembly at the factory,
the outside edge of this sheet may have fallen
between the engine and the upper engine mount
(frame-to-cylinder head mount) and become
Remedy: Check to see if the insulation sheet is
pinched between the engine and upper mount on
both sides according to instructions in this bulletin. If
the insulation sheet does not appear to be pinched, check the mounting bolts to confirm proper torque.
If the insulation sheet is pinched on either or both sides, follow the procedure in this bulletin to remove
the bolts, pull the insulation sheet out of the way, and then reinstall and torque the bolts.


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