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Bike: 2002 Yamaha YZF R1
Miles: 18,5XX
Color: Classic Blue/White Yami Colors
CC: 998
Owners: 2, Garage Kept, Warranty Recently Expired
Mods: Frame Sliders, Yoshi FULL pipe, Bike was MINT!

Damage: Cosmetic, Left Side Only, Layed Down Left Side (35 mph)
Rideable: Yes, rides perfect. Engine is 100%
Stunted: NEVER
Raced/Track: Nope
Title: Free and Clear, once I buy back it would be “salvage”
Price: $2,800 - FIRM
NADA: $5,215 (Full Fairing, Exhaust)

The Story:

In September I layed the bike down fairly slowly around a turn. Only the left side was scraped up. 99% of it is cosmetics, and we all know that plastics are easy to regain. (That is, if you don’t plan on making it a race/track/stunt bike). I found plastics for about $600. I am not a mechanic, nor do I have the time to fix it – or turn it into a race bike. So, I’ve decided to sell it.

There’s a small dimple in the front rim, again easily fixable. My insurance company has deemed the bike “totaled” (due to cost for repairs) and I will buy it back from the insurance company then sell to buyer. This would mean you would be getting a salvage title. That does not mean anything. If you are unfamiliar with this process, call me. Once you repair it (according to your respective state) you can have them do a safety inspection (in MO it’s done my MOHP) and you’re all good to go. This is why if you can fix the blinker your essentially ready to roll! You do NOT have to fix the plastics to be safe and street legal. This bike still runs great, and insurance (for me 28/s/m) was pretty cheap – and that is full coverage!

I feel that $3,000 is a great deal considering the amount of damage to be fixed (if you so desire). I am NOT making a large profit over what I will be buying back from my insurance company. Just enough to replace my helmet and jacket. Getting a $5K bike for $3K is a good deal. Yes, I know the damage, but you don’t have to fix it.

If you’d like to come take a look, let me know. The bike is based in Ballwin/Valley Park at I-44/MO Hwy 141 – Big Bend Rd/Hanna Rd. Once I get back in town, I am there almost anytime both day and night.

Those persons who are seriously interested, and wish to test ride it MUST have cash in hand, and a valid state issued driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement. Please bring your helmet and associated gear if you intend to ride it.

<b> PICTURES? </b> Reply back to me with your request, and I will send you a lot. I have quite a few from the accident. These are about 4MB, so be sure your mailbox has the space before sending me an e-mail. Remember, you could also come and see it.

<i>I might be interested in fixing it, if you think you are that good, and inexpensive. Time, is my biggest concern as I hope to move soon.</i>

I would encourage any serious riders, mechanics, investors to come take a look at the bike. I think you’ll agree it’s a great deal. This is NOT a beginner bike.

Thanks for looking, and Happy Holidays.

BJ “******” Lange
323.281.0645 – Leave Voicemail DETAILED MESSAGE (Name, Number, etc.)
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