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A buddy of mine has a 2002 silver and silver hayabugly for sale

it has a certificate of destruction from Florida. frame was cracked at the steering head and has been repaired but he is not able to title in the state of Florida. The bike was low sided into a wood fence by his 16yr old son while he was at work. the damage was very minor except where the frame had a hairline crack in the weld. He also had the left lower and the upper repainted. the bike has minor scrathes on the right side where it fell over a couple of weeks ago. I have pictures I can send if anyone is intrested. now for the details on the bike

8,200 miles, K&n airfilters, hindle full system, power commander, spencer cycle lowering links, air box mod, tre, lowering strap on the front,dry nos kit that has only been uesd a few times bike runs great. $6,000.00 obo
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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